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How To Order Acrylic-Walled Swimming Pool

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Frequently Asked Questions

It refers to a type of shell engineered from acrylic material.

You can use it to make different and unique wall surfaces of swimming pools.

It is mostly used in a wide range of indoor and outdoor pools to provide wall surface reinforcement and aesthetics.

Acrylic swimming pools come in various designs, colors, and sizes.

This is vital since it helps in enhancing ideal choice options for your pool applications.

The price for this type of swimming pool depends on several factors.

First, the size of the pool significantly determines the cost of acrylic material.

Second, simplicity or complexity of acrylic pool is also another element that defines its cost.

What’s more; the amount of features as well as finishes you select also determines the amount of money you’ll spend when buying acrylic pool.

Furthermore, the cost is also dependent on importing cost from overseas countries.

In short, the cost of acrylic swimming pool varies depending a range of factors.

One is certain, it is the most expensive type of swimming pool

The fact that popularity of acrylic swimming pool has been growing in the recent past is a clear indication it offers undeniable benefits.

It is the leading material for swimming pool right now, and some of the reasons include:

1. It is more workable. Which implies you can find it larger, thicker panels, and at the same time remains quite clear irrespective of the thickness.

2. This type of swimming pool is not brittle like other materials such as glass.Therefore, acrylic will not crack easily or form the spiderweb ding on your swimming pool wall surface.

3. It gives you unlimited scalability and size. Hence making it easy for you to get the right dimensions for the specific pool installation.

4. Acrylic swimming pool is unquestionably, the best when it comes to repairs and installations.You can easily re-polish acrylic panel to restore its status if it is scratched. Also, you can as well refinish the surface of this material without necessarily draining water compared to other materials.

5. This material also has incredible visibility and clarity. It allows up to about 92% of light transmission.

6. The refractive index of acrylic swimming pool is more or less same as that of water. It means that the thickness of the material is never apparent. And that way, when you look through, it appears as paper-thin.

7. The durability of acrylic swimming pool is almost unbreakable hence guaranteeing excellent impact resistance. It saves on replacement and repair costs.

8. Acrylic swimming pool brings imagination to life since it allows for easy formability.

Acrylic pools have some shortcomings, albeit a few.

Some of these disadvantages include the following:

1. It is relatively expensive compared to other types of materials that would possibly, offer same solutions in pool construction. This can limit its use, especially where quality grade is needed for a large swimming pool surface.

2. The other shortcoming is that this material is quite soft.Therefore, it can easily scratch when rubbed against abrasive elements, which can compromise its appearance.

3. It is relatively expensive compared to other types of materials that would possibly, offer same solutions in pool construction. This can limit its use, especially where quality grade is needed for a large swimming pool surface.

4. Installation of acrylic pool requires professional service with relevant knowledge and experience.

5. Low quality acrylic swimming pool also tends to turn yellowish, especially when exposed to direct sunlight for quite a prolonged period. This lowers the quality and aesthetic of the entire pool since it becomes an eye-sore.

Both acrylic and concrete can be used as shell materials for constructing swimming pool walls.

The efficiency, quality, and functionality of these materials, vary in many ways.

For instance, it is relatively easy and fast to install acrylic compared to concrete pool.

Ideally, acrylic pool is quite lightweight, almost half the weight of fiberglass.

Concrete pools, on the other hand, is difficult to fix since it requires meticulous handling.

Acrylic also allows better light transmission of about 92%, thus making it ideal for a swimming pool shell since it enhances optical clarity.

Concrete pool, on the other hand, allows zero light transmission, which is opaque nor as clear as acrylic pool.

Concrete pool naturally has a hard surface.

This makes it possible for it to resist scratches to a great extent, even when rubbed against abrasive components.

On the contrary, acrylic pool has a soft surface, which is quite sensitive to scratches.

Acrylic pool has excellent impact resistance compared concrete pool.

In this case, is that the former is about 17 times stronger than the latter.

It shows that acrylic swimming pool is more resilient than concrete.

Concrete swimming pool may provide limited options when it comes to color, shapes, and finishing.

Acrylic swimming pool, on the other hand, provides more flexibility when it comes to choosing the ideal color, shape, or finishing that suits your needs.

Acrylic swimming pool has superior resistance to UV light.

Therefore, the UV lights will cause very little damage to acrylic pool over time.

In fact, high grade acrylic swimming pool will not yellow in the sun.

This is dependent on the size of the pool and whether it is for commercial or domestic use.

It also depends on whether the pool is for adults or kids.

The design of the swimming pool also plays a vital role in determining the depth of acrylic panel to use.

Commercial swimming pools can have enormous depth in contrast to some smallest plunge pools that are only a few feet deep.

The topography of your area is also another fundamental determinant of the depth of acrylic swimming pool.

In most instances, though, you’ll find the depth of these swimming pools ranging from 3 feet to 6 feet for smaller pools.

But for relatively big pools, the ideal depth of acrylic swimming pool should range between 6.5 feet to 8.5 feet.

Also, have in mind that these dimensions are, however, subject to change depending on many elements, including experts’ advisory.

Nowadays, it has become quite challenging to effectively select an ideal acrylic panel to fix on your swimming pool.


Consider the Supplier

Your ideal supplier is one of the fundamental aspects that you have to figure out.

Several suppliers manufacture and position their products as the best one in the market.

Thus, you need to ensure that you go for a reliable, experienced, certified, and efficient supplier


Size of Acrylic Panel

The size of acrylic panel is another vital factor to look into when buying this component.

Often, swimming pools come in different dimensions, and so are these panels.

Ideally, you need to know the actual measurements of your pool before purchasing this panel.

It will enable you to get the right size for the same.


Design of the Acrylic Pool

You also need to figure out the design of your pool when choosing acrylic panels.

Nowadays, swimming pool designs tend to be unique as a way of enhancing functionality besides aesthetics.

In all these, it is necessary to choose a panel that you are certain will fit the design of your acrylic pool.

Budget for the Acrylic Pool

Your budget is another essential factor that determines the type of acrylic panel you’ll acquire for your swimming pool.

It is also fundamental to look into the thickness of the panel that you are buying.


Thickness of Acrylic Panel

Thickness is essential since it enables you to decide on what’s appropriate for your pool in regards to strength, resistance, and resilience.

You can as well look into the ideal color shade of this panel when selecting one.

It comes in a wide range of colors, including clear, colored, and multicolored.

As the name suggests, these types of swimming pools are made of well-conceived aspects of design.

This is in addition to equivalence with the surrounding environment and architecture.

They are also made of properly selected high-end materials, texture, and colors, among others.

In simple words, other than acrylic sheet, this type of pool is made of high-grade materials.

It is also integrated with top-notch architectural designs and finish.

The specific materials will depend on your preference since they vary significantly.

It enhances optical clarity since.

This allows significant amount of light to pass through.

It can be as high as 92%.

This is vital because it helps in making the swimming pool lively and improving its aesthetics.

Clear acrylic swimming pool is also relatively easy to maintain and clean.

You only need to use a soft cloth, lukewarm water, and soap to scrub and remove the dirt from it.

You can use a clear acrylic panel of any thickness, but the clarity will still be excellent.

In other words, it means that clear acrylic swimming pool provides strength, durability, and impact resistance.

At the same time, it offers functionality and aesthetics.

Clear acrylic panel for swimming pool is relatively affordable to acquire compared to colored or multicolored acrylic sheets.

You, therefore, save on cost when buying this material, which makes it a worthy investment.

Acrylic walled pools are comparatively stronger than glass-walled pools.

Ideally, acrylic is about 17 times stronger than glass, which makes its strength superiority quite apparent when comparing it to glass-walled swimming pool.

The other comparison is that acrylic walled pool has better optical clarity than glass-walled pool.

This arises from the fact that acrylic allows more light to pass through it.

It is about 92% as opposed to glass, which allows up to 84% of light transmission.

It is relatively easier to install and maintain acrylic walled swimming compared to a glass-walled swimming pool.

Besides, it happens that acrylic is lightweight.

This is about half the weight of glass hence making it easier to handle and install accordingly.

Glass walled pools have better resistance to scratches compared to acrylic walled pool.

In essence, glass has a natural hard surface that enables it to withstand different forms of abrasive materials without creating marks on its surface.

Acrylic, on the other hand, is quite softer, hence sensitive to scratch-causing elements.

Acrylic walled pools have better tolerance to extreme temperatures compared to glass-walled swimming pools.

It implies that a swimming pool with acrylic wall can never distort even when subjected to extreme pressures compared to pool with glass wall.

Another comparison is that acrylic seems to offer a pool with more robust construction and incredible artistry.

On the contrary, glass-walled pool tends to be somewhat fragile for a sturdy construction since it can break easily.

Also, it is quite easier to fabricate acrylic walled pool than it is to a glass-walled pool.

It, therefore, means that you can modify the design of the acrylic walled pool much easier than a glass-walled swimming pool.

Acrylic above ground pool is unique hence requires several considerations during construction.

Some of the features of this type of pool include the following:

Relatively raised – As the name suggests, this type of pool is raised a few feet above the ground. Therefore, the foundation has factor in the height of the pool during construction and installation of acrylic panels.

Sturdy walls–Water pressure from the pool is quite intense. The walls, therefore, have to be extremely strong to withstand the pressure.

Clear visibility – The pool is clearly visible even from a distance. This makes it easy for you to identify any activity or occurrence that might be taking place in the pool and within its vicinity.

Add-on accessories – Acrylic above ground pool is integrated with some add-on features that help in enhancing its efficiency and functionality.

Some of these accessories include; lighting, pool covers, automatic controls, filtration system, fountains, and waterfalls, among others.

Not at all.

The shape and size of these items are significantly dependent on your swimming pool.

Acrylic is a flexible material, which means that you can easily fabricate and mold it to a suitable shape and size.

So you can always get any shape and size of this material as long as you have the right dimensions, and you’re dealing with the right supplier.

Absolutely, 100% yes!

What happens is that acrylic is an incredibly strong material.

The molecules used for making it are also sturdy hence guaranteeing ideal strength.

Furthermore, the manufacturing processes of acrylic panel for swimming pool is also intensive to ensure the end product is incredibly strong.

This strength can, therefore, withstand the water pressure in any type of pool, irrespective of size, and shape.

The most crucial element here is making sure that it is installed accordingly.

And the possible pressure points within the pool are also well reinforced.

The thickness often varies depending on the overall size of the swimming pool as well as the design and architectural advisory.

It also depends on the amount of water pressure that the swimming pool is projected to handle at a specific time.

However, you’ll find that, in most instances, the thickness of the acrylic panel for swimming pool ranges between 100mm to 150mm.

This thickness range is regarded as the ideal one for any standard acrylic walled swimming pool.

Most definitely.

Acrylic panels for swimming pools come in a variety of colors.

It is thus easy to select the ideal color for your swimming pool to help in enhancing the aesthetics.

Furthermore, you can as well get a multicolored acrylic swimming pool.

This is the sort of acrylic panel that contains at least two colors on it.

The essence of this that it allows you to find suitable colors that you deem perfect for your swimming pool.

Absolutely yes!

First, acrylic material does not react with any elements or corrode with any solution that might be used in the swimming pool.

This is an indication that it safe, given that it will never produce any form of toxic or corroded solution.

Secondly, acrylic never breaks even when subjected to extreme pressure.

This way makes it a safe material since you are guaranteed it will never cause havoc as a result of breaking.

Thirdly, if acrylic pool breaks, due to deliberate intention, it never shatters.

This makes it safe because it is an indication that it will never cause any injuries.

Acrylic above ground pool is extremely strong.

All you need is to ensure that it is perfectly installed to prevent any instances of leakage.

And when fixed correctly, this type of pool panel can last for more than 10 years.

Additionally, acrylic pool can never break. It is sturdy and hence can withstand any amount of water pressure.

Of course, there are quality standards for this item.

Some of the common standards include ISO 9001, ASTM, CE, and UL, among others.

These quality standards for acrylic swimming pool help in outlining specific production requirements for suppliers to enforce consistency.

They also establish and ratify guidelines that would enhance safety of the acrylic swimming pool.

Ideally, acrylic swimming pool does not require intensive maintenance.

And even the little maintenance that you would do on it happens rarely.

All it needs is cleaning the surface of the panel using warm water and soap and a soft cloth.

This helps in removing the debris that has accumulated on the acrylic wall surface for a while.

The other form of maintenance is painting.

You can paint this material using a suitable acrylic paint to enhance its durability and glossiness.

Also, you may consider removing scratches if there are any on the surface of the acrylic pool panel.

Removal of scratches is quite simple since you only need to buff the scratched spot using a buffing wheel.

In all these maintenance instances, the water must always be drawn out of the pool and allow it to dry before embarking on any activity.

With the information in this FAQ guide, I hope you can make an informed decision when buying an acrylic swimming pool.

Pricing Table For Various Sizes And Types Of Acrylic-Walled Swimming Pools

It’s no secret that acrylic swimming pools aren’t cheap, and the bigger the more expensive. 

But there are people in the Nigeria with taste who have lots of money. This is what happens when the two meet.

S/NPool Size (Rectangle)1 Sided Acrylic Wall (1 Short Side)2 Sided Acrylic Walls (1 Short & 1 Long Sides)3 Sided Acrylic Walls (2 Short sides & 1 Long Side) 4 Sided Acrylic Walls ( All 4 Sides)
Pre-Order3 weeks(Air)4 weeks(Air)6 weeks(Sea)8 weeks(Sea)
13m x 2mN8.6mN12.0mN16.8mN20.2m
23m x 3mN9.0mN13.8mN18.6mN23.4m
34m x 2mN10.6mN14.0mN20.2mN23.6m
44m x 3mN11.0mN15.8mN22.0mN26.8m
54m x 4mN11.4mN17.6mN23.8mN30.0m
65m x 2mN11.8mN15.2mN22.8mN26.2m
75m x 3mN12.4mN17.2mN24.8mN29.6m
85m x 4mN13.0mN19.2mN26.8mN33.0m
96m x 2mN13.8mN17.2mN26.2mN37.0m
106m x 3mN14.4mN19.2mN28.2mN40.4m
116m x 4mN15.6mN21.8mN30.8mN34.2m
126m x 5mN16.2mN23.2mN32.8mN37.6m
137m x 2mN17.0mN20.4mN30.8mN41.0m
147m x 3mN17.6mN22.4mN32.8mN44.4m
157m x 4mN18.2mN24.4mN34.8mN37.6m
167m x 5mN18.8mN26.4mN36.8mN41.0m
178m x 2mN19.0mN22.4mN34.2mN44.4m
188m x 3mN19.6mN24.4mN36.2mN37.6m
198m x 4mN20.2mN27.1mN38.9mN41.0m
208m x 5mN20.8mN28.4mN40.2mN45.8m
219m x 2mN21.0mN24.4mN37.6mN47.8m
229m x 3mN21.6mN26.4mN39.6mN41.0m
239m x 4mN22.2mN28.4mN41.6mN44.4m
249m x 5mN22.8mN30.4mN43.6mN47.8m
259m x 6mN23.8mN32.8mN46.4mN51.2m
2610m x 2mN23.6mN27.0mN41.6mN55.4m
2710m x 3mN24.8mN29.6mN44.2mN45.0m
2810m x 4mN25.4mN31.6mN46.2mN49.0m
2910m x 5mN26.0mN33.6mN48.2mN52.4m
3010m x 6mN26.6mN35.6mN50.2mN59.2m
3111m x 3mN26.8mN31.6mN47.6mN59.2m
3211m x 4mN27.4mN33.6mN49.6mN52.4m
3311m x 5mN28.0mN35.6mN51.6mN55.8m
3411m x 6mN28.6mN37.6mN53.6mN59.2m
3512m x 3mN29.4mN34.2mN51.6mN62.6m
3612m x 4mN30.0mN36.2mN53.6mN56.4m
3712m x 5mN30.6mN38.2mN55.6mN63.2m
3812m x 6mN31.2mN40.2mN57.6mN66.6m
39Other SizesCallCallCallCall
40Curved WallCallCallCallCall
41Bottom PanelCallCallCallCall

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