(By Filling A Simple Request A Quote Form)

Once you meet the above criteria of been one of the people we can work with, you will do the following

  • Fill out a simple request a quote form located at the end of this section. It’s nothing complicated. It just has a few questions to tell us more about your project, location, specific needs and peculiar requirements

We will evaluate the information you provided in the simple Request A Quote Form, and decide if we are good fits to work with and you will be able to book the free consultation phone call with us. We decide who we work with because our service is highly exclusive and NOT for everybody.

  • Book a 15 minutes free consultation phone call with our us to fashion out how we can help you achieve your objectives
  • The purpose of the 15 minutes free consultation phone call is to find out what you have in mind for your backyard and answer questions you may have about our solutions. At the end of the phone meeting, we both can decide whether it makes sense or not to go to the next stage, which includes us taking out time to schedule a site inspection or prepare a custom 10% discount price quote to build the best pool for you. Does that sound right to you?

Please note this is definitely not a sales pitch in disguise. We will listen to what you have to say and if we think we can help– great! We can talk about how to get started. We’ll work with the best, only the best. But if we think we’re not a good fit, we’ll politely tell you. We’ll not work with just anybody. So the real question isn’t if we can build the best pool in a risk free way- IT’S WHETHER OR NOT WE ACTUALLY WANT TO WORK WITH YOU.

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