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Learn What Drives High Quality, High Value Swimming Pool Construction and Costs In Nigeria Before You Take The Plunge!



We are committed to teach, educate and inform so you can make informed decision about your purchase of a high quality swimming pool.

We consider ourselves, first and foremost, teachers. We’re here to be a guide and mentor you throughout the buying process.

Even if you don’t buy a high quality swimming pool from us, we believe you can profit greatly from the insights offered in this free guide.

The #1 burning question for every for anyone seriously considering buying a new pool is-
“What is the cost of building a concrete swimming pool in Nigeria?”

Some erroneously see a swimming pool as simply a big hole in the ground.

A well is also a hole in the ground!  But a swimming pool is more than a big hole in the ground.

Most prospective buyers don’t know enough about concrete swimming pool construction or builders to make intelligent choice and informed decisions.

Then they usually default to ”Who’s got the cheapest or lowest price”.

The truth is, price is not the only factor affecting a purchase decision.

As a custom top quality concrete swimming pool builder in Nigeria of over 25+ years expertise and experience, we have been asked this question more times than we can remember.

The right explanations and education are indispensable to help our clients in acquiring a pool stress-free.

There are too many variables that affect the final price of a top notch pool.

We believe we should educate our website visitors on the cost of swimming pools in Nigeria so they can have the right budget and make informed decisions.

This is the reason most competitors are unwilling to answer pricing questions on their websites – to take advantage of this knowledge gap.

 The real answer to the above question on the cost of a high quality pool is “It depends”.

It all depends on what you’re looking for.

Swimming pool construction cost is really like asking an auto dealer what is the price of a car or asking an estate agent the cost of a house.

It depends!

Are you interested in a high-end Mercedes with all of the bells and whistles or just a cost effective Toyota to move you from one point to the other?



1.   Size Of The Pool
The bigger a pool, the more materials needed for its construction and the higher the price.

2.   Shape Of The Pool
Irregular shapes like kidney, oval etc are higher in prices than their regular shape counterparts like rectangular or square.

3.   Type Of The Pool
Regular type skimmer pools are less expensive than the modern day luxury type infinity or overflow or vanishing edge pools.

4.   Slope Of Your Compound
Sloppy lands require lot of cutting and filling with excavated materials as well as retailing walls. Pools built in such areas are generally more expensive than flat land pools.

5.   The Optional Features Added
Examples are concrete steps, waterfalls, water fountains, heaters, slides, baby pools, spas, diving boards, safety fencing or railings, pool covers, auto chemical dosing pumps, color changing fiber optics lightings, swim up bars, bar stools, bush bars, showers, changing rooms etc. The more optional features the higher the price.

6.   The Material The Pool Is Made From
Concrete pools are more durable and more expensive than pool made with sand-crete blocks.

7.   The Elevation Of The Pool
Above ground pools cost more than in ground pools

8.   Type Of Soil And Terrain Of The Pool
Waterlogged or high water table areas do increase the cost of pool construction than in a well drained soil type.

9.   Accessibility Of Your Site
The more difficult a site is in terms of access, the higher the cost of the pool.

10.   Geographical location of the pool
Is the proposed pool located in the city, town, village or some remote areas. The farther from a state capital the pool is, the higher the logistics cost and final price.

11.   The Depth Of Pool
The deeper the more expensive

12.   The Value, Quality, Risk Reversal and Excellence
This is the biggest determinant of all swimming pool costs. The higher the quality of materials, equipment and workmanship deployed in the construction of a pool, the higher the initial cost of the pool, the more the pool last a lifetime, the little or nothing the cost of repairs and the lower the lifetime cost of ownership.



As you would imagine, not all pool builders are the same.

All swimming pool companies in Nigeria are not created equally.

There are professionals, amateurs, fly-by-night  and low quality cheap pool builders.

The Professional swimming pool builders usually have taken out decades of expertise to create  a customer experience that is second to none. Professional pool builders are mostly civil engineers and they deliver massive values.

They help their clients to build high value, high quality and risk free swimming pools.

They DON’T  build “average” or  low quality cheap  swimming pools.

Only low quality cheap, amateur, fly-by-night pool companies build low quality cheap and average pools.

When you buy low quality cheap pools, you end up buying twice.

The cost of repairs of a low quality cheap pool is almost the same as the cost of a new pool.

The lower your pool quality, the more you will spend on repairs sooner than later.

The higher your pool quality, the little or nothing you will need to spend on repairs.

Buying low quality or cheap or making some savings on a pool may look a good decision in the short term but ends up being expensive in the long term because of repairs.

The cost of hiring a professional is inexpensive, but the cost of engaging an amateur is very expensive.

Some unethical swimming pool builders in Nigeria deliberately quote artificially low prices to induce a contract award and afterwards boost profits by deploying low quality materials, workmanship  and equipment.

Professionals don’t do business that way.

Pool construction is too big a lifetime investment that should not be gambled away.

The difference in cost relative to your pool investment, between a low quality cheap pool that will last some few weeks/months before problems develop and a high quality pool that will last you a lifetime, is a small price to pay for that quality pool.

It’s that simple! Price is important  but  the values  you get for your  money is far  more important.

Remember…the bitterness of poor quality pool remains; long after the sweetness of the low price has faded.