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To Own The Highest Quality, Leaks, Failure, Defects, Repairs, 100% Risk Free & Luxury Swimming Pool Paradise For You To Enjoy The Lifestyle Of Relaxation, Recreation, Retreat And Romance You Worked So Hard For.

Built With The Highest Quality Equipment, Materials & Workmanship That Comes With A Lifetime Structural Warranty For The Concrete Pool Shell And 3 Years Equipment Warranty For Your Peace Of Mind And Protection Of Your Huge Pool Investment.

Backed With A Special 5% Discount, Flexible Payment, 3-Month Free Maintenance Bonus & One Year 100% No Question Asked Take-It-To-Bank Risk Reversal Refund Guarantees From Fear, Uncertainty, Doubts, Risks & Being Thrown Under The Bus Or To The Hungry Wolves.

(This offer is Highly Exclusive and NOT for Everybody)

(The Highest Quality Pools Are Our Specialty. We Hate Buyer's Remorse. We Don't Build Cheap Low Quality Pools That Will Develop Faults, Leakages, Failures, Defects And Need Costly Repairs Within Weeks/Months)


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We DON'T build cheap low quality swimming pools. We build ONLY the highest quality LUXURY swimming pools

Most competitors quote artificially low prices to induce a contract award & afterwards deploy low quality cheap materials, equipment and workmanship as to make some profits or some come up with hidden charges to increase cost – it’s called Bait & switch pricing. Beware!

The difference in cost, relative to the amount of your huge pool investment, between a low quality inferior pool that last some few weeks before problem develop and a high quality pool that will last you a lifetime of pleasure, is a small price to pay for a superior quality pool.

100 Swimming Pool Sizes & Prices

S/NPool SizeBasic Price5% Off Bonus PriceSave Up To
15.0m x 2.0mN4.2mN4.0mN0.2m
25.0m x 3.0mN4.8mN4.5mN0.3m
35.0m x 4.0mN5.4mN5.1mN0.4m
46.0m x 2.0mN4.8mN4.5mN0.3m
56.0m x 3.0mN5.4mN5.1mN0.3m
66.0m x 4.0mN6.6mN6.2mN0.4m
76.0m x 5.0mN7.2mN6.8mN0.4m
87.0m x 2.0mN6.6mN6.2mN0.4m
97.0m x 3.0mN7.2mN6.8mN0.4m
107.0m x 4.0mN7.8mN7.4mN0.4m
117.0m x 5.0mN8.4mN7.9mN0.5m
128.0m x 2.0mN7.2mN6.8mN0.4m
138.0m x 3.0mN7.8mN7.4mN0.4m
148.0m x 4.0mN8.4mN7.9mN0.5m
158.0m x 5.0mN9.0mN8.5mN0.5m
169.0m x 2.0mN7.8mN7.4mN0.4m
179.0m x 3.0mN8.4mN7.9mN0.5m
189.0m x 4.0mN9.0mN8.5mN0.5m
199.0m x 5.0mN9.6mN9.1mN0.5m
209.0m x 6.0mN10.2mN9.6mN0.6m
2110.0m x 2.0mN9.0mN8.5mN0.5m
2210.0m x 3.0mN10.2mN9.7mN0.5m
2310.0m x 4.0mN10.8mN10.2mN0.6m
2410.0m x 5.0mN11.4mN10.8mN0.6m
2510.0m x 6.0mN12.0mN11.4mN0.6m
2611.0m x 3.0mN10.8mN10.2mN0.6m
2711.0m x 4.0mN11.4mN10.8mN0.6m
2811.0m x 5.0mN12.0mN11.4mN0.6m
2911.0m x 6.0mN12.6mN11.9mN0.7m
3012.0m x 3.0mN12.0mN11.4mN0.6m
3112.0m x 4.0mN12.6mN11.9mN0.7m
3212.0m x 5.0mN13.2mN12.5mN0.7m
3312.0m x 6.0mN13.8mN13.1mN0.7m
3413.0m x 3.0mN13.2mN12.5mN0.7m
3513.0m x 4.0mN13.8mN13.1mN0.7m
3613.0m x 5.0mN14.4mN13.6mN0.8m
3713.0m x 6.0mN15.0mN14.2mN0.8m
3813.0m x 7.0mN15.6mN14.8mN0.8m
3914.0m x 4.0mN14.4mN13.6mN0.8m
4014.0m x 5.0mN15.6mN14.8mN0.8m
4114.0m x 6.0mN16.8mN15.9mN0.9m
4214.0m x 7.0mN18.0mN17.1mN0.9m
4315.0m x 4.0mN15.6mN14.8mN0.8m
4415.0m x 5.0mN16.8mN15.9mN0.9m
4515.0m x 6.0mN18.0MN17.1mN0.9m
4615.0m x 7.0mN19.2mN18.2mN1.0m
4715.0m x 8.0mN20.4mN19.3mN1.1m
4816.0m x 4.0mN18.0mN17.1mN0.9m
4916.0m x 5.0mN19.2mN18.2mN1.0m
5016.0m x 6.0mN20.4mN19.3mN1.1m
5116.0m x 7.0mN21.6mN20.5mN1.1m
5216.0m x 8.0mN22.8mN21.6mN1.2m
5316.0m x 9.0mN24.0mN22.8mN1.2m
5417.0m x 6.0mN21.6mN20.5mN1.1m
5517.0m x 7.0mN22.8mN21.6mN1.2m
5617.0m x 8.0mN24.0MN22.8mN1.2m
5717.0m x 9.0mN25.2mN23.9mN1.3m
5817.0m x 10.0mN26.4mN25.0mN1.4m
5918.0m x 7.0mN24.0mN22.8mN1.2m
6018.0m x 8.0mN25.2mN23.9mN1.3m
6118.0m x 9.0mN26.4mN25.0mN1.4m
6218.0m x 10.0mN27.6mN26.2mN1.4m
6319.0m x 7.0mN25.2mN23.9mN1.3m
6419.0m x 8.0mN26.4mN25.0mN1.4m
6519.0m x 9.0mN27.6mN26.2mN1.4m
6619.0m x 10.0mN28.8mN27.3mN1.5m
6720.0m x 7.0mN26.4MN25.0mN1.4m
6820.0m x 8.0mN27.6mN26.2mN1.4m
6920.0m x 9.0mN28.8mN27.3mN1.5m
7020.0m x 10.0mN30.0mN28.5mN1.5m
7121.0m x 7.0mN27.6mN26.2mN1.4m
7221.0m x 8.0mN28.8mN27.3mN1.5m
7321.0m x 9.0mN30.0mN28.5mN1.5m
7421.0m x 10.0mN31.2mN29.6mN1.6m
7521.0m x 11.0mN32.4mN30.7mN1.7m
7621.0m x 12.0mN33.6mN31.9mN1.7m
7722.0m x 8.0mN28.8mN27.3mN1.5m
7822.0m x 9.0mN30.0MN28.5mN1.6m
7922.0m x 10.0mN31.2mN29.6mN1.6m
8022.0m x 11.0mN32.4mN30.7mN1.7m
8122.0m x 12.0mN33.6mN31.9mN1.7m
8223.0m x 8.0mN30.0mN28.5mN1.6m
8323.0m x 9.0mN31.2mN29.6mN1.6m
8423.0m x 10.0mN32.4mN30.7mN1.7m
8523.0m x 11.0mN33.6mN31.9mN1.7m
8623.0m x 12.0mN34.8mN33.0mN1.8m
8723.0m x 13.0mN36.0mN34.2mN1.8m
8824.0m x 8.0mN31.2mN29.6mN1.6m
8924.0m x 9.0mN32.4MN30.7mN1.7m
9024.0m x 10.0mN33.6mN31.9mN1.7m
9124.0m x 11.0mN34.8mN33.0mN1.8m
9224.0m x 12.0mN36.0mN34.2mN1.8m
9324.0m x 13.0mN37.2mN35.3mN2.1m
9425.0m x 8.0mN32.4mN30.7mN1.7m
9525.0m x 9.0mN33.6mN31.9mN1.7m
9625.0m x 10.0mN34.8mN33.0mN1.8m
9725.0m x 11.0mN36.0mN34.2mN1.8m
9825.0m x 12.0mN37.2mN35.3m
9925.0m x 13.0mN38.4mN36.4mN2.0m
100Other SizesCall  



Elegant Water Features Price List


Romantic Water Features & Enhancements To Your Luxury Swimming Pool Lifestyle.

Choose from a variety of impressive water feature designs to find the perfect attraction to your tranquil backyard pool and increase its appeal, enjoyment and usability

Baby Pools

Don’t let the kids be left out. Baby pools offer fun for young children. With virtually endless design possibilities, baby pools are made of shallow water of about 450mm for splashing around, getting wet and getting excited in the pool.

In-ground Baby Pool

inground pool installation companies near me

In-ground Baby pool Priced from N3.0m

Above-ground Baby Pool

Swimming pool builder near me

Above-ground Baby pool Priced from N3.5m

Circular Baby Pool

Cost of swimming pool in Nigeria

Circular Baby pool Priced from N4.0m


We can’t talk about beautiful swimming pool add-ons without mentioning a spa. It is the pinnacle of relaxation. In addition to the unique, relaxing comfort it provides, there are also health benefits to a spa such as pain relief, stress relief, and improved circulation.

In-ground Spa

In-ground spa Priced from N2.0m

Above-ground Spa

Above ground spa Priced from N2.5m

Circular Baby Spa

Circular spa Priced from N3.0m

Overflow Swimming Pools

The overflow swimming pools are unquestionably the most polished, chic and classic swimming pool model where the water overflows elegantly from either 1, 2, even 3 pool walls into an overflow perimeter channel covered with either pebbles or grating connected to an underground balance tank. This produced a perfect aesthetic match between the waterline and nature. Overflow pools have sweet peculiarities both in aesthetics and construction

Traditional Overflow With Grating

Priced from 40% more  above its equivalent  skimmer pool size

Traditional Overflow With Grating

Priced from 60% more  above its equivalent skimmer pool size

Raised Overflow

 Priced from 80% more above its equivalent  skimmer pool size

Infinity Overflow

Priced from 100% more  above its equivalent  skimmer pool size

Sheer Descent Waterfalls

Enjoy the subtle elegance of a sheer descent waterfall that comes with or without LED lighting. It creates a thin sheet of water made to arc into your pool. The sounds of sheer descent waterfall can be almost a silent, glass-like sheet of water or a rushing mountain waterfall that helps you to relax. Each waterfall system comes with a pump, fittings and control unit

Single Sheer Descent Waterfalls

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Single sheer descent waterfall system Priced from N1,200,000

Single sheer descent waterfall system with LED lighting Priced from N1,500,000

Double Sheer Descent Waterfalls

above ground pool contractors near me

Double sheer descent waterfall system Priced from N2,200,000

Double sheer descent waterfall system with LED lighting Priced from N2,800,000

Triple Sheer Descent Waterfalls

swimming pool installation companies

Triple sheer descent waterfall system Priced from N3,300,000

Triple sheer descent waterfall system with LED lighting Priced from N4,200,000

Overhead Waterfalls

The overhead waterfalls allow you to bring the natural beauty of an overhead rainforest waterfall to your backyard and pool surroundings. It features a soft, rain-like texture and a tranquil, mesmerizing sound falling from heights of about 2m. Each overhead waterfall assembly is about 2.4m or 8feet long and comes with a pump, fittings and control unit.

Single Overhead Rain-like Waterfall

portable swimming pool prices

Single overhead rain-like waterfall system Priced from N1,800,000

Single overhead rain-like waterfall system with LED lighting Priced from N2,000,000

Single Overhead Regular waterfalls

Swimming pool construction

Single overhead regular waterfall system Priced from N1,900,000

Single overhead regular waterfall system with LED lighting Priced from N2,100,000

Double Overhead Regular Waterfalls

Swimming pool installers

Double overhead regular waterfall system Priced from N3,700,000

Double overhead regular waterfall system with LED lighting Priced from N4,000,000

Cobra Water Curtain Waterfalls

The cobra waterfall is a massage device that will make a decorative addition to your luxury swimming pool. You also enjoy the relaxing sounds of the water feature for a sense of calm and well-being. The cobra water curtain assembly is made up of a pump, fittings and control unit

Single Stainless Steel Cobra Waterfalls

swimming pool on terrace construction detail

350mm Cobra waterfall system Price N1,800,000

500mm Cobra waterfall system Price N2,200,000

750mm Cobra waterfall system Price N2,700,000

Double Stainless Steel Cobra waterfalls

pool building companies near me

Double 350mm Cobra waterfall system Price N3,500,000

Double 500mm Cobra waterfall system Price N4,200,000

Double 750mm Cobra waterfall system Price N5,200,000

Acrylic Cobra waterfalls

Swimming pool builders

350mm Acrylic Cobra waterfall system with LED lights Price N2,000,000

500mm Acrylic Cobra waterfall system with LED lights Price N2,400,000

750mm Acrylic Cobra waterfall system with LED lights Price N2,900,000

Deck/ Laminar Jets

Deck/Laminar Jets are a great way to add a magical element to your backyard. Its thin strong water flow creates a “WOW Factor”. Laminar jets shoot smooth streams of glass-like water flow from the poolside into your pool. Desk jets shoot water from the pool desk/terrace. LED lights to bring the Desk/Laminar jets an incredible experience to life at night with colour. Each comes with a pump, fittings and control units

A Set Of 3Nos Desk Jet

inground pool service near me

A set of 3nos Desk jet Priced from N600,000

A Set Of 3Nos Desk Jet With LED Lights

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3nos Desk jet with LED lights Priced from N900,000

A Set Of 3Nos Laminar Jet With LED Lights

water fountain companies in nigeria

3nos Laminar jets Priced from N1,200,000

LED Pool Bubbler

Add Color and Excitement to your luxury Pool with Briliant Wonders Lighted Bubblers which shoot streams up to 30 inches high in five vivid colors. Bubblers, sometimes called gushers, are bubbling water features that come up from under the water making a nice bubbling water sound. These water features can be placed in tanning ledges and beach entries were the water depth does not exceed 6”.

Set of 3nos Pool Bubblers

inground pool installers in my area

Set of 3nos Pool Bubbler Priced from N900,000

Set of 3nos Pool Bubblers with LED lights

swimming pool maintenance service near me

Set of 3nos Pool Bubbler Priced from N1,200,000

Set of 3nos Pool Bubblers with LED lights

concrete pool builders near me

Set of 3nos Pool Bubbler Priced from N1,200,000

Swim Up Bar

Only an alien from the planet Boring will disagree that the swim-up bar is one of the best entertainment addition to a luxury swimming pool. There’s nothing more pleasurable than plunging into a cool, blue, refreshing pool and slowly side-stroking your way to a sunken bar stool underneath a shaded canopy.

Shallow End Rectangular Swim Up Bar

natural swimming pool builders near me

Shallow end rectangular swim-up bar Priced from N2,000,000

Shallow End Curved Swim Up Bar

best swimming pool builders near me

Shallow end curved swim up bar Priced from N2,500,000

Slope side Curved Swim Up Bar

best inground pool installers near me

Slopeside curved swim-up bar Priced from N3,000,000

Water Slides

These are the classic favourites for all ages. Both children and adults alike love the excitement of racing down a water slide and plunging with a splash in a pool. There are a wide selection of styles and colours that will add endless entertainment to your luxury swimming pool

Regular Slides

Swimming pool builders near me

Regular slides are Priced from N5,000,000

Spiral Slides

Swimming pool construction company in Lagos

Spiral slides are Priced from N6,000,000

Barrel Slides

cost of a small swimming pool in Nigeria

Barrel slides are Priced from N7,000,000



(By Filling A Simple Request A Quote Form)

Once you meet the above criteria of been one of the people we can work with, you will do the following

We will evaluate the information you provided in the simple Request A Quote Form, and decide if we are good fits to work with and you will be able to book the free consultation phone call with us. We decide who we work with because our service is highly exclusive and NOT for everybody.

Please note this is definitely not a sales pitch in disguise. We will listen to what you have to say and if we think we can help– great! We can talk about how to get started. We’ll work with the best, only the best. But if we think we’re not a good fit, we’ll politely tell you. We’ll not work with just anybody. So the real question isn’t if we can build the best pool in a risk free way- IT’S WHETHER OR NOT WE ACTUALLY WANT TO WORK WITH YOU.



After the free consultation phone call of 15 minutes above then comes the next steps. We will do the followings.

A site inspection may NOT be required if the clients can furnish us with the size of pool required, site information, site layout, architectural drawings etc.

A site inspection is very necessary when the client is not conversant with his site conditions or absence of site drawings.

As you can imagine, we usually receive more than a hundred requests for site inspections each month. Just a few of them end up been ready or serious. The site inspection itself is free.

However, to keep away unserious people and time wasters, we request each client pays for the logistic/travel costs of the site inspection (depending on distance) instead of us setting out on a time, money and energy consuming travel or wild goose chase. WETIN MUSA NEVER SEE FOR GATE!

The logistic/travel costs of site inspection are as follow – (Deductable from the eventual project cost)

Based on our strict client selection process, we carefully evaluate every request for site inspection and consultation. As explained earlier, we do NOT undertake supervision works. We are very picky about who we work with. We are the best and only work with the best.

We need be SURE that you are ready, committed and able NOW  to invest in your pleasure and also to keep time wasters and those not yet ready at bay. Once we have confirmed your logistic/travel deposit, we will carry out the necessary site inspection within 1 to 3 working days. Does that sound fair to you?

We always provide instant, detailed, itemized, final, exact & clearly written quotations, not a summary or note on a scrap of paper. This quote will be emailed to you so you can make the right decision to sign in to buy.

If we believe we can’t give you results, we won’t take you on as a client. It is that plain and simple.



  1. All structural, equipment & workmanship have the highest assurance of quality and 1 year risk reversal as well as “we will fix it” risk reversal guarantees against leakages, defects and failures except in cases of abuse, misuse, negligence, operation by third party, normal wear and tear.
  1. Completion period for an average basic pool that is well pressure tested is 10 to 12 weeks from date of commencement. The completion period can be shorter, if all equipment and construction materials are purchased at once. The completion period will be longer for bigger sized pools.
  1. Any additional work not in the quote will be charged as extra. All extra works to be paid before completion of pool. Additional works will also extend the above completion period. To speed up the completion process, all electricity for construction, water to test/commission pool, water/electricity termination to the plant room, storage space for equipment to be provided by the client as well as good accommodation for out of station jobs.
  2. Our quotation is only valid for a PERIOD OF 1 MONTH ONLY.



  1. 50% down payment to purchase and deliver all pool equipment to site.
  2. 45% payment to purchase, start and complete pool construction works.
  3. 5% payment after commissioning of pool.
  1. 80% down payment to purchase & deliver all pool equipment and construction materials to site.
  2. 15% payment to start and complete pool construction works.
  3. 5% payment after commissioning of pool.
If all these sound like value to you, here is how to sign up by clicking the link below at the end of this section.





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