Elegant Water Features


Add Romantic Water Features & Enhancements To Your Luxury Swimming Pool Lifestyle.

Choose from a variety of impressive water feature designs to find the perfect attraction to your tranquil backyard pool and increase its appeal, enjoyment and usability

Baby Pools

Don’t let the kids be left out. Baby pools offer fun for young children. With virtually endless design possibilities, baby pools are made of shallow water of about 450mm for splashing around, getting wet and getting excited in the pool.

In-ground Baby Pool

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Above-ground Baby Pool

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Circular Baby Pool

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We can’t talk about beautiful swimming pool add-ons without mentioning a spa. It is the pinnacle of relaxation. In addition to the unique, relaxing comfort it provides, there are also health benefits to a spa such as pain relief, stress relief, and improved circulation.

In-ground Spa

Above-ground Spa

Circular Baby Spa

Overflow Swimming Pools

The overflow swimming pools are unquestionably the most polished, chic and classic swimming pool model where the water overflows elegantly from either 1, 2, even 3 pool walls into an overflow perimeter channel covered with either pebbles or grating connected to an underground balance tank. This produced a perfect aesthetic match between the waterline and nature. Overflow pools have sweet peculiarities both in aesthetics and construction

Traditional Overflow With Grating

Traditional Overflow With Grating

Raised Overflow

Infinity Overflow

Sheer Descent Waterfalls

Enjoy the subtle elegance of a sheer descent waterfall that comes with or without LED lighting. It creates a thin sheet of water made to arc into your pool. The sounds of sheer descent waterfall can be almost a silent, glass-like sheet of water or a rushing mountain waterfall that helps you to relax. Each waterfall system comes with a pump, fittings and control unit

Single Sheer Descent Waterfalls

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Double Sheer Descent Waterfalls

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Triple Sheer Descent Waterfalls

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Overhead Waterfalls

The overhead waterfalls allow you to bring the natural beauty of an overhead rainforest waterfall to your backyard and pool surroundings. It features a soft, rain-like texture and a tranquil, mesmerizing sound falling from heights of about 2m. Each overhead waterfall assembly is about 2.4m or 8feet long and comes with a pump, fittings and control unit.

Single Overhead Rain-like Waterfall

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Single Overhead Regular waterfalls

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Double Overhead Regular Waterfalls

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Cobra Water Curtain Waterfalls

The cobra waterfall is a massage device that will make a decorative addition to your luxury swimming pool. You also enjoy the relaxing sounds of the water feature for a sense of calm and well-being. The cobra water curtain assembly is made up of a pump, fittings and control unit

Single Stainless Steel Cobra Waterfalls

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Double Stainless Steel Cobra waterfalls

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Acrylic Cobra waterfalls

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Deck/ Laminar Jets

Deck/Laminar Jets are a great way to add a magical element to your backyard. Its thin strong water flow creates a “WOW Factor”. Laminar jets shoot smooth streams of glass-like water flow from the poolside into your pool. Desk jets shoot water from the pool desk/terrace. LED lights to bring the Desk/Laminar jets an incredible experience to life at night with colour. Each comes with a pump, fittings and control units

A Set Of 3Nos Desk Jet

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A Set Of 3Nos Desk Jet With LED Lights

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A Set Of 3Nos Laminar Jet With LED Lights

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LED Pool Bubbler

Add Color and Excitement to your luxury Pool with Briliant Wonders Lighted Bubblers which shoot streams up to 30 inches high in five vivid colors. Bubblers, sometimes called gushers, are bubbling water features that come up from under the water making a nice bubbling water sound. These water features can be placed in tanning ledges and beach entries were the water depth does not exceed 6”.

Set of 3nos Pool Bubblers

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Set of 3nos Pool Bubblers with LED lights

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Set of 3nos Pool Bubblers with LED lights

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Swim Up Bar

Only an alien from the planet Boring will disagree that the swim-up bar is one of the best entertainment addition to a luxury swimming pool. There’s nothing more pleasurable than plunging into a cool, blue, refreshing pool and slowly side-stroking your way to a sunken bar stool underneath a shaded canopy.

Shallow End Rectangular Swim Up Bar

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Shallow End Curved Swim Up Bar

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Slope side Curved Swim Up Bar

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Water Slides

These are the classic favourites for all ages. Both children and adults alike love the excitement of racing down a water slide and plunging with a splash in a pool. There are a wide selection of styles and colours that will add endless entertainment to your luxury swimming pool

Regular Slides

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Spiral Slides

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Barrel Slides

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As Nigeria’s #1 most experienced waterfall and water fountain company of 25+ years, we offer a wide range of fountains to make your surroundings beautiful and lively with or without LED lights.




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