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Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in considering-to-buy a dream pool. 

Indeed, relaxation in a top quality swimming pool has never looked more inviting than now. 

This is the reason for the guide and the guide is for ONLY concrete swimming pools, NOT fiberglass, transparent, liner or prefab swimming pools.

The guide is based and grounded on the operational  principles in the Code of Ethics, Code of Practice and the International Standards for Concrete Swimming Pools as set out by the world regulatory bodies – S.P.A.T.A., I.S.P.E., F.I.N.A. & B.S. 8007 (1987).

The emphasis of this pricing guide is therefore on concrete swimming pools of the highest values, safety and highest quality in accordance with world class standards and international best practices.

We are glad that you are interested in learning about the intricacies of pricing and buying a high value and high quality swimming pool for you and your family.

There are lots of low, shoddy and inferior quality pools out there as opposed to excellent quality pools.

All swimming pools are not created equally.

It is very important to understand the main differences so you can make an informed decision before you dive in boots and all.

We are concerned at the growing practice of some unethical pool builders in quoting artificially low prices and then resort to increasing their profit by deploying low quality equipment, materials and installation, or alternatively coming up with hidden charges during the construction.

These are against the Code of Ethics and Code of Practice of the swimming pool industry.

It’s our hope, you will not only enjoy reading this guide, but you also find the information highly useful to make intelligent choices in line with international best practice and world class standards.

In this comprehensive guide, we are going to take a very close look at the most relevant considerations for prospective pool buyers about buying a top quality concrete swimming pool today.

We wish you many years of happy and healthy enjoyment in your new high quality and high value swimming pool.


We want you to have peace of mind on your huge pool investment and be satisfied with your superior quality pool and your pool-buying experience—irrespective of who you buy it from.

Please do take out the time to not only read but to also understand this comprehensive value based guide that lays out the basis for swimming pool costing, pricing and discounts

At the end of the guide, you will find a LINK TO HIGH QUALITY SWIMMING POOL PRICING AND DISCOUNT PRICING LISTS that set out the costs and limited time discounts for various sizes of concrete swimming pools.

Let’s dive in now!

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We are committed to teach, educate and inform so you can make informed decision about your purchase of a high quality swimming pool.

We consider ourselves, first and foremost, teachers. We’re here to be a guide and mentor you throughout the buying process.

Even if you don’t buy a high quality swimming pool from us, we believe you can profit greatly from the insights offered in this free guide.

The #1 burning question for every for anyone seriously considering buying a new pool is-
“What is the cost of building a concrete swimming pool in Nigeria?”

Some erroneously see a swimming pool as simply a big hole in the ground.

A well is also a hole in the ground!  But a swimming pool is more than a big hole in the ground.

Most prospective buyers don’t know enough about concrete swimming pool construction or builders to make intelligent choice and informed decisions.

Then they usually default to ”Who’s got the cheapest or lowest price”.

The truth is, price is not the only factor affecting a purchase decision.

As a custom top quality concrete swimming pool builder in Nigeria of over 25+ years expertise and experience, we have been asked this question more times than we can remember.

The right explanations and education are indispensable to help our clients in acquiring a pool stress-free.

There are too many variables that affect the final price of a top notch pool.

We believe we should educate our website visitors on the cost of swimming pools in Nigeria so they can have the right budget and make informed decisions.

This is the reason most competitors are unwilling to answer pricing questions on their websites – to take advantage of this knowledge gap.

 The real answer to the above question on the cost of a high quality pool is “It depends”.

It all depends on what you’re looking for.

Swimming pool construction cost is really like asking an auto dealer what is the price of a car or asking an estate agent the cost of a house.

It depends!

Are you interested in a high-end Mercedes with all of the bells and whistles or just a cost effective Toyota to move you from one point to the other?

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1.   Size Of The Pool
The bigger a pool, the more materials needed for its construction and the higher the price.

2.   Shape Of The Pool
Irregular shapes like kidney, oval etc are higher in prices than their regular shape counterparts like rectangular or square.

3.   Type Of The Pool
Regular type skimmer pools are less expensive than the modern day luxury type infinity or overflow or vanishing edge pools.

4.   Slope Of Your Compound
Sloppy lands require lot of cutting and filling with excavated materials as well as retailing walls. Pools built in such areas are generally more expensive than flat land pools.

5.   The Optional Features Added
Examples are concrete steps, waterfalls, water fountains, heaters, slides, baby pools, spas, diving boards, safety fencing or railings, pool covers, auto chemical dosing pumps, color changing fiber optics lightings, swim up bars, bar stools, bush bars, showers, changing rooms etc. The more optional features the higher the price.

6.   The Material The Pool Is Made From
Concrete pools are more durable and more expensive than pool made with sand-crete blocks.

7.   The Elevation Of The Pool
Above ground pools cost more than in ground pools

8.   Type Of Soil And Terrain Of The Pool
Waterlogged or high water table areas do increase the cost of pool construction than in a well drained soil type.

9.   Accessibility Of Your Site
The more difficult a site is in terms of access, the higher the cost of the pool.

10.   Geographical location of the pool
Is the proposed pool located in the city, town, village or some remote areas. The farther from a state capital the pool is, the higher the logistics cost and final price.

11.   The Depth Of Pool
The deeper the more expensive

12.   The Value, Quality, Risk Reversal and Excellence
This is the biggest determinant of all swimming pool costs. The higher the quality of materials, equipment and workmanship deployed in the construction of a pool, the higher the initial cost of the pool, the more the pool last a lifetime, the little or nothing the cost of repairs and the lower the lifetime cost of ownership.

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As you would imagine, not all pool builders are the same.

All swimming pool companies in Nigeria are not created equally.

There are professionals, amateurs, fly-by-night  and low quality cheap pool builders.

The Professional swimming pool builders usually have taken out decades of expertise to create  a customer experience that is second to none. Professional pool builders are mostly civil engineers and they deliver massive values.

They help their clients to build high value, high quality and risk free swimming pools.

They DON’T  build “average” or  low quality cheap  swimming pools.

Only low quality cheap, amateur, fly-by-night pool companies build low quality cheap and average pools.

When you buy low quality cheap pools, you end up buying twice.

The cost of repairs of a low quality cheap pool is almost the same as the cost of a new pool.

The lower your pool quality, the more you will spend on repairs sooner than later.

The higher your pool quality, the little or nothing you will need to spend on repairs.

Buying low quality or cheap or making some savings on a pool may look a good decision in the short term but ends up being expensive in the long term because of repairs.

The cost of hiring a professional is inexpensive, but the cost of engaging an amateur is very expensive.

Some unethical swimming pool builders in Nigeria deliberately quote artificially low prices to induce a contract award and afterwards boost profits by deploying low quality materials, workmanship  and equipment.

Professionals don’t do business that way.

Pool construction is too big a lifetime investment that should not be gambled away.

The difference in cost relative to your pool investment, between a low quality cheap pool that will last some few weeks/months before problems develop and a high quality pool that will last you a lifetime, is a small price to pay for that quality pool.

It’s that simple! Price is important  but  the values  you get for your  money is far  more important.

Remember…the bitterness of poor quality pool remains; long after the sweetness of the low price has faded.

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  1. Pricing for top notch pools is usually in the context of the values delivered, risk reversal, solutions  provided  and  quality offered. Amateurs and poor quality cheap swimming pool construction companies in Nigeria adopt the “bait and switch” strategy of quoting an artificially low prices  to prompt a contract award and afterwards increase their profit by low  and poor quality, cheap equipment, materials or installation. Some even comes up with hidden and sudden charges during the construction.
  2. Avoid the use sandcrete blockwall in the casting of your pool concrete walls because they are meant to be watertight nor allow the installation of  aluminium coiled pump to re-circulate your pool water. Though these poor quality materials and equipment are very cheap, they are just recipe for disaster.
  3. The structural integrity of a reinforced concrete pools is a major top priority and there are no shortcuts nor compromises in building high quality pools. Structurally sound pools are built to  last a lifetime, not just a year or two years or even five years.
  4. The difference in cost between a low quality cheap pool and a high quality pool, relative to the amount of your investment , is a small price to pay for a excellent quality pool.
  5. Most pool builders will not tell you this truths-The market is presently flooded with low quality cheap Chinese pool equipment which are about 50% cheaper than the Spanish counterparts. These  poor quality cheap Chinese products  don’t last more than a few week or months before they develop problems. High quality pools cannot be built with these poor quality cheap Chinese equipment. Spanish pool equipment  are the preferred choice and they have a guarantee of 4 to 5 years because of wear and tear of its mechanical parts. (No disrespect to the Chinese. Of course, they have a broad range of quality. However, only the low quality, cheap equipment are imported and sold in Nigeria in order to maximize profit).
  6. Professional only build awesome, high-quality & high-value swimming pools at affordable prices  to give you a lifetime of fun, enjoyment, pleasure and happiness.
  7. High quality pools are designed and built in accordance with industry, world class and international standards- The Code of Practice BS 8007. (1987)- The Structural Use Of Concrete For Retaining Aqueous Liquids and the quality system for residential/commercial swimming pools as established by the Trade Association for the swimming pool industry SPATA – Swimming Pool And Allied Trade Association.
  8. High value pools are leaks, failure and defects free. Pool repairs or renovations are very expensive. Its best to get it right the first time because when you buy low quality cheap, you end up buying twice.

Four levels of waterproofing are adopted to achieve a watertight pool. High quality pools are meant to be tested at every stage of the construction process, namely,

To ensure a watertight structure, a concrete mix ratio of 1:2:4  is adopted for all concrete casting. This means one part of cement to two parts of sharp sand and four part of granite chipping. The size of the granite chippings is carefully chosen, not just any size. Some unscrupulous pool companies adopt 1:1.5:3 lean mix ratio to reduce cost and take shortcuts.

  1. Waterproofing chemical additives in the ratio of 1kg is added to every 50kg or 1 bag of cement.
  2. Insist on the use of only the best equipment from Spain not China for your pool installation. Aluminium coiled pump are a no go area. Though they are far cheaper, are poor quality, not reliable and burn out within weeks or months. Insist on copper coiled pump
  3. Some pool builders use sandcrete blocks in building pool wall. They leak. They are good baskets. High quality pool walls are built with high tensile waterproof concrete. Also, all formworks are best made from ply woods not planks to minimize the leaks at the joints.
  4. Underwater lights are also of the highest quality from Spain and not China.
  5. Professional pool builders go to great lengths to ensure customers receive personalized services throughout the construction phase of your pool.
  6. Unlike other pool builders that provide a guarantee of two years, professionals provide a lifetime structural guarantee on all construction works and a 4 years guarantee on equipment.
  7. Some low quality cheap pool builders attract customers with unreasonably low price and eventually increase final cost with sudden and hidden cost. This is not how to do business.
  8. Ideal quality pool packages come with free 3-months pool maintenance, 3- months maintenance chemicals & equipment.
  9. Professionals don’t throw you to the hungry wolves. They stand behind their products with their after sales services. They are committed to you far beyond just digging a hole in the ground and building your pool, then throwing you to the hungry wolves, leaving the rest to you. No.
  10. Please don’t buy a pool for less elsewhere except from the professionals. Though other options might seem cheaper in the short term but ends up being most expensive in the long term because of poor quality, replacements and repairs. Making some savings on a pool may look like a good decision until the pump fails or pool leaks.
  11. With a professional, you are at the right place to choose your new high value pool that will create your dream of paradise. The pool builder you entrust your backyard with to install a swimming pool can make or break this whole process.
  12. In the pool industry, there exist the good, the bad, and the ugly of the business. Choosing the right pool builder with the right value is therefore of uttermost importance.
  13. A Great pool builder can install a bad pool, and he will most often stand behind it in the event of leakages or failure. Professionals stand always behind their projects.
  14. A Poor pool builder can fantastically screw up a perfect pool, and will leave you abandoned to the hungry wolves to fend for yourself. Professionals don’t do business that way.
  15. There are major two reasons prospective pool owners often choose the wrong pool builders: price and installation time. Please don’t necessarily go with the cheapest price or quickest installation time. Do your due diligence to avoid buyer’s remorse. Ultimately, you get what you paid for.
  16. Choose a reputable swimming pool builder based on experience and stability, not just the  cheapest  price  alone. From our over 25+ years in the industry, we have discovered the following facts-

Only 2 in 10 swimming pool construction companies in Nigeria stay in business longer than 5 years!

Reasons? While the business environment in Nigeria could be harsh and unforgiving, most pool builders make expensive mistakes they can hardly recover from.

Over the decades, literally hundreds of pool builder come and go.

A credible swimming pool company should have been at least 10 years operating under their current name as a sign of stability (not resurfacing with the guise of another business  name after a year or two of unsuccessful operations).

Some unethical pool builders take deposits from new clients to finance construction of their other projects. They disappear in the night, only to reappear under a new name.

  1. Experienced pool builders are conversant with what works and know how to avoid the numerous costly and expensive mistakes associated with swimming pool construction in Nigeria that the younger, less experienced pool builders always make.Have we ever made mistakes? Sure we have made our share of mistakes.

    Everyone makes plunders from time to time. It’s how they handle the mistakes that counts

  1. Reputable, experience and high quality pool builders are not some “new kid on the block”.80% of swimming pool builders in Nigeria go out of business within the first 5 years of operation.

    Interestingly, its mostly swimming pool construction companies in Lagos that are affected by this phenomenon, because of the high concentration the state records.

    Choose experienced and top notch swimming pool construction companies that have been around that long for decades as opposed to years. You can trust them to finish your job and still be there for you many years after.

Work with the Professionals that won’t throw you to the hungry wolves.

Professionals are not expensive but amateurs are very expensive.

  1. Welcome on board, if you are the discerning prospective pool owner   interested in a risk free high  value  and high quality swimming pool, that is
  2. Pricing of high quality pools is based on the value brought to the market place, and the results  delivered  to  clients.
  3. Infact, professional pool builders are guaranteed not to be beaten on value for money.

Their value and quality-based prices of swimming pool  drives productivity and performance.

Their  pricing list is based on that philosophy to bring you the best  results that will help you improve your lifestyle  of enjoyment.

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Ownership of a well built quality pool is a very rewarding experience.

However, before you decide to take the “leap” in shopping for a pool, it’s advisable to “look” first.

Take out the time to get informed and educate yourself before making any investment decision.

Search out for top notch pool companies that have the heart of a teacher and not just a pushy sales person.

Before scheduling numerous contractors for site inspections and free estimate for a pool, read the following tips to save you some disappointment, frustration, money, time and buyer’s remorse.

Protect your yourself, your sanity, your property and your dream of the perfect pool by avoiding these common and expensive mistakes.

  1. Don’t Underestimate The Scope Of A Pool Project
    There are lots of considerations  when building a high quality pool.

    Where should the pool be located?

    What size, shape, design and depth will work best for you and your family?

    Where will the shallow and deep end be located?

    What additional features will serve your needs?

    What about the maintenance that keeps a pool running after construction?

    What do you need to do to ensure that the construction phase goes smoothly?

    What about safety measures will work for you?

    To get the best results, be ready to do your homework.

    You’ll not only need to give these considerations some careful thoughts, but more importantly, you need the right swimming pool builder with the heart of a teacher to educate and inform you so that you can make good decisions.

  1. Choosing The Wrong Pool Builder
    The pool builder that you choose to construct your pool, will ultimately make or mar your customer experience.A high quality pool should be built right the first time within budget and on time.

    A poorly built pool is usually a big financial loss to the owner, because most often than not, such pool builders run away leaving a big hole in the ground for the owner.

Work with professional pool builders that will not throw you under the bus or to the hungry wolves, not some low quality cheap pool builders.
“If you think the cost of a Professional is expensive, wait until you hire an Amateur.”

The cost of repairs of a faulty, low quality cheap pool by the owner is almost the same cost of building a new pool.

A reputable pool builder should have the requisite technical knowledge, experience and stability to guide you through the process of designing and constructing a high value, top-quality pool free from defects and failure.

 Be wary of any pool builders who cannot offer a list of references and satisfied customers to prove their competence in the delivery of awesome pools.

Do your due diligence to find an expert pool builder you can trust will ultimately save you a great deal of headache and trouble.

The right pool builder should keep your best interests in mind and will help educate you about the best possible solutions for your backyard.

More on how to find the right pool builder is discussed in later section of this guide.

  1. Lack Of Understanding Of Your Budget Before Shopping
    Most prospective pool buyers do not have a good understanding of how a pool works or what high quality swimming pools cost.

    In such a scenario, their budgets for a swimming pool is usually based on guess work and not informed decisions

A basic, standard, professionally built and awesome swimming pool has cost budget from about ONLY N3.5m upwards with all the benefits of being high value, high quality and excellence.

Of course, there are always lower cost budget for low quality, cheap pools.

The deciding factor here is what exactly are you looking for – A “Mercedes Benz” pool or a “Toyota” pool?

Also be sure to include in your budget, the cost for pool additional features like baby pool, fountains etc that you may desire.

  1. Focusing Strictly On Price Alone
    This mostly ends in buyer’s remorse because the lowest bidding contractor has boosted his profit by using inferior or low quality materials and equipment.

    Shopping for cheap pools by looking at price alone, eventually results in disappointment.

    Bottom line is you usually get what you paid for.

Unlike a car or a house, an inferior quality pool cannot be resold or traded in if you are unsatisfied with the results and outcomes.

If you are fixate on price alone, you are definitely not going to get what you really want.

If you decide to choose the ”lowest bidder” or the “cheapest guy in town”, you should expect to receive the lowest quality or workmanship.

The cost of a professional is not expensive, but the cost of hiring an amateur is very expensive.

Beware of bait and switch tactics used in advertising.

  1. Making Price The Priority
    While price bargains are good, never put pricing over high quality as this can turn out to be an expensive mistake.

    Pool buyers who choose low quality cheap swimming pools most often than not always find themselves dealing with shoddy, bargain-basement materials, equipment and workmanship.

Ironically, a low quality cheap pool is more expensive in the long run because they result in frequent repairs and replacements of defective materials and equipment.

Please, RUN the other way if you see any advert like “We Build Cheap Pools”
Why? The long-term cost of those savings from such adverts adds up to frequent repairs, equipment failure and structural problems

  1. Comparing Apple And Orange
    Swimming pool construction bids should be compared on same parameters like design, features, size, shapes, construction process, location, materials and equipment to be used etc.

    A good and quality pool bid should show specifications, technical details, itemizing all components and explain how a price point was reached.

  2. Not Asking Enough Questions

    It is a costly assumption that every pool builder has the knowledge or ability to educate you on your pool investment.

    While a good pool builder should be able to do the above, the responsibility is still on the prospective pool owner to have the knowledge and understanding to make excellent buying decisions.

Do your homework and due diligence. There are endless resources at your disposal to use.

This guide and other valuable contents on the internet are examples of such resources.

  1. Shopping Over The Phone Only For A Pool
    Shopping over the phone alone may be necessary and good but is never sufficient in making a final buying decision

It is advisable that the swimming pool builder comes to your to your site to conduct a site inspection and analysis to be able to provide you with an accurate and custom estimate quote.

Why? No two sites are the same. Every site has its own peculiarities and conditions.

  1. No Proper Analysis Of Quotations
    This is another costly mistake been made by some prospective pool buyers.They invite and get more than 12 or more quotations from pool construction companies and cannot make an informed decision because all the information gets conflicting and confusing.

    It’s always better to do your homework and research thoroughly and then finally request for 3 or 4 written quotations from professional and reputable swimming pool companies specifying what materials and equipment they will use.

    Pay close attention to how the quotations are written.

    Are they detailed and presented in a format that is not confusing but that is easily understood and are all the items clearly articulated?

    When you ask questions about the quotations, are you comfortable in their knowledge to produce your dream pool?

    Afterwards, you make your decision and stick with it.

  2. Not Reading Contracts And Skipping Over Fine Print
    It is very important to make sure you understand the contract you are getting into.Thoroughly read and understand your contract with your swimming pool builder, the specifications, terms of contract, terms of payment and the warranties that comes with your pool and its various equipment components.

It may be tempting to skip reading the fine print, but please do read them to avoid mistakes.

Make sure everything is in writing. Review all your contracts carefully before signing.

If something is promised to you verbally, make sure it is in writing. Be sure to understand exactly what is included in the purchased price. 

Get all the specifications on your pool, materials and equipment as well as information on delivery.

A good understanding of your rights and responsibilities will make your pool construction and its usage an enjoyable experience for you. 

  1. Focusing Only On The Aesthetics

    All pools are not built the same and while the way your pool looks is an important factor, a good pool builder will also think about your pool usage as well as its maintenance

    A professional and experienced swimming pool builder should help you select a pool design that has the  aesthetics look you desire, the functionality you need and a practicality you require. 

  1. Ignoring Safety Concerns
    Well built, high quality swimming pools are fun, a great place to unwind, relax, entertain, exercise, and just enjoy the outdoors.

    However, they can also be dangerous.

Protect your loved ones by educating yourself about pool safety and the types of safety features that can be incorporated into your pool design.

Make sure you protect the ones you care for, and protect the ones that cannot protect themselves.

  1. Not Asking For A Warranty
    Be sure to ask a warranty for the pool and its equipment.

Usually, a well built, high value, high quality pool should have a lifetime warranty on its structural members and a three to four years warranty on equipment.

Be sure you fully understand that warranty – what is and isn’t covered.

  1. Not Starting Now.
    You sure can save some good money simply by getting your pool project under way right  now.

Swimming pool prices have never gone down and increase each year due to equipment and material cost increases.

When you start your swimming pool project now instead of procrastinating, you save yourself the stress of price increase in the future.

  1. Not Planning Ahead.
    The completion period for a well pressure-tested concrete swimming pool is about 6 – 10 weeks depending on the terms of contract. Larger projects and tight backyards will typically take longer.

Plan your pool construction job ahead to avoid pressurizing the pool builder to deliver within a shorter time frame.

Some pool builders in a bid to induce a contract award, overpromise to deliver a concrete pool in less than 6 weeks.

The results of the two scenarios above are usually leakages and pool failure that are very expensive to repair.

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Deciding to build a swimming pool is a major investment that takes time and financial commitment.

How to make the best decision and hire a trustworthy, reputable contractor and pool builder for the job is a huge challenge to many prospective pool owners.

This guide is to help protect you from becoming victims of some amateur, fly-by-night pool builders and shoddy contractors that take money and never return to the job site- Beware, they are out there.

Every year, a large number of pool builders go out business, leaving hundreds of prospective pool owners with a big empty hole in the ground. 

The contractor you entrust to install your swimming pool can make or break a happy customer experience. 

Unfortunately, their promise of pretty pictures (often dubbed, copied or stock pictures) too often lead to bad workmanship and expensive repairs.  

These trustworthy guidelines will help you choose the best contractor for your swimming pool project. We want you to know about buying a high quality pool before you sign any con­tracts.

We also want you through this helpful guide to be satisfied with your pool-buying experience -no matter who you buy it from- and also give you the information to separate the wheat from the chaff and then make the best decision possible.

So before you sign any contracts, we suggest you interview  the prospective builders in person over the phone, and/or via e-mail. Ask them a series of questions to determine their experience, stability, technical competence, credibility, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Ultimately, you are the one that will decide for yourself whether you can trust the builder you’re speaking with.

Ask these 8 questions to protect yourself from an unpleasant pool-building experience.

We wish you peace of mind on your swimming pool investment and many years of happy and healthy enjoyment

  1. “Where is your office/physical place of business and do you have a showroom?”
    This industry is famous for many fly-by-night, amateurs, low quality and cheap quacks trying to build pools.

    The right pool builder should necessarily have a physical place of business or office.

    Someone working as a brief case contractor does not exactly exude stability.

A physical location with offices, employees, etc. is a good sign that a contractor is there to stay.

Look for a pool builder who has a showroom also. A showroom lets you view the builder’s products, see his operations, and meet some of his employees. 

You can find the largest swimming pool builders with information about their companies and links on their web sites. Look for the styles and designs that appeal to you. Pick out a few pool builders and contact them for discussion.

  1. “How many years have your company been in business under the present name?”

    This is one question shady, low quality cheap pool builders don’t like.

    It’s sadly common in this industry for someone to build some pools, run into financial trouble, then abandon site and leave big holes of unfinished pools in people’s back yards.

    Then a few months later, open a new company with a new name, and start all over again.  When a pool builder goes out of business or abandon a site, the pool warranty as well as financial investment disappear. Such risk and losses are needless.

The rule of thumb, forget a pool builder who has been in business or under training less than three years.

To be really safe, only deal with pool companies that have been in business for ten years or more.  Only a few reputable pool companies will make it past the ten-year mark, at which point you shouldn’t have to worry about their stability.

  1. “How many years experience do you have as a pool builder?”


    The number of years experience a pool builder has is directly related to their stability. Only one in five swimming pool companies stay in business longer than five years.

A credible swimming pool company is one that has not only survived the first five years of business but has stabilize in the second five year to make a total of at least ten years experience.

Ask the above question to determine that the pool builder is not some new kid on the block. 

  1. “How many pools have you done that would qualify you to build my pool?”


    This is another good question to help you fish out the inexperienced, low quality, cheap, inept or dishonest pool builders.

    Pool are meant to be stunningly beautiful, but can be a very disappointing disasters if built by someone with insufficient experience.  This question will give you a good idea of their experience with reinforced concrete swimming pools

Anything less than 20 pools should be of concern.

  1. “How many references will you give me?”


    You should be able to choose freely from a list of at least 20 names based on the number of swimming pool built so far.


    A shorter list probably means that your pool builder hasn’t built very many pools, or has had trouble satisfying his customers.

  1. “Have you ever made a mistake”?


    If the pool builder says no, get up and leave….

    This is a red light that, they’re either lying or don’t have enough experience. Everyone, and I mean everyone, makes mistakes from time to time. It’s how they handle the mistake that counts.

  1. “How do I know your price isn’t a ‘Bait & Switch?”


    There are several factors that impact the cost of a high quality pool.  An ethical pool builder will never quote you a final price without a site inspection or a specific design for your yard.

Some dishonest, low quality and cheap pool con¬tractors do give an artificially low price to induce a contract award and afterwards increase price by bringing up hidden and sudden charges.

Any pool builder that uses this “bait and switch” technique should be avoided.

Always remember… the bitterness of poor quality remains; long after the sweetness of the low price has faded.

  1. “Why should I trust you to build my pool?”

    There is no right or wrong answer to the above question.

    How do you feel about them personally?

    This question should let their true personality shine through.

    This is necessary since you going to be working closely with this pool builder for the next two to three months or more (depending on the size of the project).

    You need be sure it’s someone you feel good about, and can trust.

The pool builder you entrust to install a swimming pool for you can make or break this whole process of happy customer experience.

We want you to have peace of mind and be delighted with your high quality pool and your pool-buying experience—no matter who you buy it from.

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Hidden and sudden charges are unfortunately common in the pool industry with unethical pool builders.

 How can you be sure you are getting a fair price on your swimming pool and accessories and protect yourself from hidden and sudden charges

Hidden and sudden costs are irritating extra charges that a low quality pool contractor brings to the prospective pool owner that were never discussed during the entire sales process.

They are unplanned and additional costs that the client is forced to pay for by the pool builder.

The most common hidden cost include carting away excavated materials, electrical and water supply hook-up to the plant room, retailing walls, fencing, landscaping, tree removal, hitting water or rocks during excavation etc.

These are how to avoid Hidden Costs.

  1. Request A Written And Detailed Quotation

A transparent quote should be detailed to disclose all potential costs. The written quotation also must clearly specify what is and is not included in the builder’s specification and terms of contracts.Additional pool features like fountain, baby pool should be distinguished from hidden cost.

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Building a concrete swimming pool in your backyard is a major investment.

A good professional pool builder should warranty your pool to protect your investment so you don’t end up with a good basket in your backward that is expensive to fix.

There are three main warranties you should know about: structural warranty, equipment warranty, and workmanship warranty.

Structural Warranty

The swimming pool concrete shell should a lifetime warranty against failure in structure due to defective workmanship or materials, provided that the installation, use and maintenance have been carried out in accordance with normal practice according to standard recommendations.

Equipment Warranty 

All pool support equipment, i.e. pump, filter, skimmer and lights fitted at the time of installation is warranted for a period of 3 years. Defects that arise due to normal wear and tear of equipment operations are not covered under this warranty.

Workmanship Warranty

This pool warranty typically covers plumbing leaks, leaks in the pool fittings, and structural settlement and is warranted for a period of one year. All warranties shall be invalid if the pool is damaged by earth or ground-fill movement, act of God, acts of aggression, by accident, abuse, misuse or by the intentional, reckless or negligent acts of the client or his agent.This warranty shall not apply to any work, materials, equipment provided, installed or repaired by anyone other than us

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High quality swimming pool pricing and discount pricing lists are based on the value delivered, protections guaranteed, solutions provided and high quality offered as explained in details in this free guide.

Swimming pool ownership is a big capital investment in your happiness.

Our mission is to make you happy and  improve your lifestyle through the enjoyment of our  superior pools without any stress

We wish you many years of happy and healthy enjoyment in your new top quality swimming pool.

On a final note, we hope this guide helps you make the best possible decision when buying your new pool. With these values listed, tips and questions to ask, you should be in a good position to make  informed pricing decisions and also able to get an idea of which pool builder is a good fit, can be trust­ed, and which pool builders are at risk of creating an unpleasant experience. Buying a well built pool should be a fun and exciting time for you and your family.

We want you to have peace of mind on your pool investment and be satisfied with your pool and your pool-buying experience—no matter who you buy it from.

If you find value in the guide and you have any questions about swimming pool design, construction and installation, please get in touch with us.

We would love to work with you if you are the right fit and you have reach the point where you are ready now  to build your backyard resort. 

Check out below the pricing lists to have an idea of high quality and high value swimming pool costs.


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