How to determine the size of swimming pools in Nigeria

How to Determine the Right Swimming Pool Size for You and Your Family

As a swimming pool builder in Nigeria, we understand that your swimming pool project is a big investment and getting the best size that fits you and your family is a huge decision. Our goal is to empower you with reliable information to help you make the correct decision the first time.

One of the questions we are most often confronted with by pool shoppers from across the length and breadth of Nigeria is: How can I know the best size for my pool?


Some prospective house and pool owners, by working in conjunction with their project architects are provided with site layouts and working drawings that detail out the relative sizes of structures including the pool size.  For such owners that know from the architect’s drawings, the size of the pool that fits their requirements, a quotation is prepared based on the provided drawings and specifications.

Generally speaking, most pool shoppers don’t know the size of the swimming pool that is the best fit for them, and therefore need to consider the followings to determine the right size of the pool. Alternatively, as a swimming pool company in Nigeria offers free consultation services, where any of our engineers is just a phone call away and at your disposal to visit your site and conduct an inspection to determine the appropriate size for you based on the parameter below


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What Determines The Size Of Your Swimming Pool

These are the factors that play roles in determining sizes of pool

  1. Available land area – This is the biggest restraint on the size of a pool. Pool size is limited to the available area in your space. For example, an Olympic size swimming of 50m x 25m is about the size of 2 standard plots of land in Nigeria. There is no way this size of the pool can fit into a plot of land. Your pool size is calculated from the length and breadth of your available space
  2. Intended use of pool – Is the proposed pool for residential or commercial use. Generally, residential pools are smaller than commercials pools. Yet a residential pool can be big if the available space and your budget permits.
  3. Bathing load of the pool – This is the no of users in the pool at a given time. Residential pools have lower bathing loads than public or commercial pools. A nuclear family of 3 members is a small number for a pool bathing load and would require a small pool. When other factors like regular entertainment of guests or pool parties cause the no of pool users or bathing load to increase, a bigger sized pool can then be considered
  4. Available budget – The cost of building a swimming pool is a function of the size of the pool. The bigger the size, the higher the cost. Your available budget determines the size of your pool. You can decide for an Olympics sized pool of 50m x 25m without its surrounding structures like changing, diving platform etc. that cost over $1m, if your available space, intended use, and budget permit you.
  5. Pool’s setbacks off the property line – Generally most pools have terraces on all four sides of the pool as walkways to work around the pool and also as space to place pool furniture like sitting chairs, tables, and relaxation beds. Pools without terraces have their walls flushing with the property line or fence wall so as to maximize the size of a pool when there are space constraints.



Common Sizes of Residential Swimming Pools

 From our experiences as a swimming pool supplies, maintenance & construction company in Nigeria, the following sizes in length and breadth are common with residential pools, though other sizes can come in between these mini and maximum sizes.

  1. 4m x 3m
  2. 5m x 3m
  3. 6m x 3m
  4. 6m x 4m
  5. 7m x 4m
  6. 8m x 4m
  7. 8m x 5m
  8. 9m x 4m
  9. 9m x 5m
  10. 10m x 5m
  11. 11m x5m
  12. 11m x6m
  13. 12m x6m


Sizes of commercial or public pools are as a rule of thumb from 12m x 6m (or slightly smaller)  to the mini Olympics size of 25m x 12.5m to Olympics size of 50m x 25m and all the dimensions in between  and beyond that your space and budget can accommodate



Shapes of Residential Swimming Pools

There are various shapes of pools namely Regular shapes like rectangular, square, and Irregular shapes like oval, kidney, circular, polygon, etc. The Regular shaped pools are best suited for both small and large land areas, while the Irregular shaped are suited for only large land areas and not small land areas. This is because concrete pools are highly customizable and flexible in terms of shape, design, and sizes.


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